rigor mortis

a rotting smell

occasional drowsiness

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An ice cave lit by falsefire under the Mutnovskiy volcano, Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia.

Photo credit: Daniel Kordan


An eight-year-old boy - nicknamed ‘Jaws’ by his friends - has grown a second row of teeth after suffering from a condition known as ‘paediatric shark teeth’. What was actually happening inside Zak’s mouth was that his permanent teeth, which would usually help push out baby teeth, were coming through. But instead they came in behind the first teeth and failed to move the baby ones out.


"WIZ-MAN" - Game Center CX: Arino no Chousenjou 2 

(Indieszero - DS - 2009) 


It smells like fall outside and I got the urge to draw Espe.

Scarecrow. Scarecrow, look at your massively cute forest guardian crush. *v* prettiest when the leaves change colors.

fanart for 8lack.


necromancer in training + his pets



Squid by SteffenBinkePhotography


Red Riding Hood. 


Messy forest speedpaint.


This beautiful 5 ft #Cobra was rescued by the #WildlifeSOS rescue team from inside a house at Sangam Vihar, New Delhi. After thorough examination the snake was found to be healthy and has been released in its natural habitat.
In future, if you come across any such situation, please call Wildlife SOS#Helpline (Delhi) to save a life and make a difference- +91-9871963535.